About Us

Dr Azmi, BMedSci, DPT, is an experienced physiotherapist that can treat your pain and help you improve your movement.

Our modern lifestyle means we are sitting longer while using a computer or watching the T.V This can lead to stiff necks and lower back pain.
Or perhaps you have a sports or work injury? Have you sprained your ankle or injured your shoulder?
Dr Azmi can help alleviate your pain and will provide information on…

What your ailment is and what may have caused it.

The best treatment for you and why.

What you should do to manage further flare ups and how to avoid these.


You do not need to suffer with pain

Every patient is treated with care and respect and we specialise in Lower Back pain and Neck pain.
All treatments are evidence based and personalised to your specific needs. There are a variety of techniques that can be used to alleviate your pain. These can include…

  • Gentle, manual therapy
  • Mobilization
  • Exercise based therapy
  • Manipulation
  • Shock Wave therapy
  • Dry needling

You will be assessed to check your pain pathway and consulted on the best treatment to get you better movement and flexibility.

Sometimes, a small postural change can make a big difference.

At Physiocare, your health is our priority and it is important you are able to get back to the lifestyle you want again.

We are conveniently located in Blacktown and Fairfield and can also offer a mobile service for NDIS home visits and Aged Care facilities.
All EPC patients will be bulk billed through Medicare. (There may be a small gap payment)

Physiocare is a registered NDIS provider and can assist with home visits in the Greater Western Sydney area.

We also provide exceptional care for patients with…

  • DVA
  • Workers Compensation (Workcover)
  • CTP claims
  • Private Health Insurance

Dr Azmi at Physiocare looks forward to welcoming you and helping alleviate your pain.

Our treatments are suitable for all ages and cover a wide range of ailments and injuries.

Book your appointment today and get back to enjoying your lifestyle again