Sports Physio


Need a sports physio to get back on track again?

A sports injury can occur any time.
Sore knees, aching muscles, painful elbows – all these can slow down your game.
If left untreated, sports injuries can compound and create problems.
Physiocare can assess your pain and treat you so you can get back on the field in the shortest time possible.
Not just your injury but your entire body will be assessed to locate associated musculoskeletal causes.
Our sports physiotherapy treatments treat your pain in comfort with a suite of styles that support your injuries and get you back playing again.
These can include…

  • Spinal manipulation
  • Gentle manual therapy
  • Muscle mobilization
  • Exercise-based therapies
  • Dry needling
  • Shock wave therapy

Clients of ours have found these sports physiotherapy treatment styles deliver sustained benefits, especially as we educate you on your pain treatment and give you information on continuing self-care.

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Why choose Physiocare for your sports physio

Dr Azmi, BMedSci, DPT, at Physiocare is an experienced sports physiotherapist. He was the physio for Blacktown Spartans Rugby League Football Club for several years. He understands sports injuries and the Importance of getting back in the team.
He has a Bachelor of Medical Science and is a Doctor of Physiotherapy.
At Physiocare, we also provide education along with evidence-based physiotherapy so that your limbs will be stronger for better sporting results.
Sports injuries can come in a variety of ways, including colliding with other players, twisting, or landing awkwardly. Not attending to your injury, no matter how small, could be a major cause of being unable to play in the future.
Dr Azmi has a caring and respectful manner that reassures his clients while treating their needs.
Your sports physiotherapy can be part of your Enhanced Primary Care Plan, providing you with up to 5 free sessions on Medicare. Please see your local GP for your referral.
Physiocare also accepts the following:

Tailored sports physiotherapy sessions will treat your pain and improve your mobility and strength, especially for your arms and legs.
Sports pain can be debilitating but you can seek help.

We are also able to treat your neck, back and other injuries.


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