NDIS Physiotherapy


Need a NDIS physio that does home visits?

NDIS physio is the most common therapy service accessed by people living with a disability.
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was established in 2013 for people living with a disability to get the support they need through individualised packages.
All NDIS recipients are able to access physiotherapy services.
Any pain felt due to disability can be alleviated through physio. Physiocare assess your quality of movement and assist with exercises and hands-on treatments that can help improve or maintain current levels of functioning.
We offer a variety of evidence based treatment styles that support your disability.
These can include…

  • Gentle manual therapy
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Joint mobilizations and manipulation
  • Soft tissue muscle release
  • Exercise based therapies
  • Dry needling
  • Shock wave therapy

You are always kept informed on how your pain will be treated and we also provide education on continual self care for long lasting results.

Physiocare can do home visits for NDIS physiotherapy. Contact us today

How does NDIS physiotherapy work?

Our caring, experienced physios can treat you in your own home or residential facility.
We complete a comprehensive assessment of your physical condition and needs.
Together we create tailored physiotherapy programs to help you achieve your goals for your health that work on:

  • preventing falls and other risks
  • managing and reducing pain
  • strength and rehabilitation
  • maintaining mobility.

Stringent hygiene practices are followed by all our Physiocare providers. We use hospital-grade alcohol wipes, surgical masks and hand sanitiser where appropriate and required.

Why choose Physiocare as your NDIS physio

Dr Azmi, BMedSci, DPT, at Physiocare is an experienced NDIS physiotherapist.
He has a Bachelor of Medical Science and is a Doctor of Physiotherapy.
Dr Azmi has a caring and respectful manner that reassures his clients while treating their needs.
Physiocare is a registered NDIS provider of Allied Health Services (Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy). Our physiotherapists are registered with APA.
You can get a referral from plan managers, medical professionals or you can refer yourself.
At Physiocare, we can help alleviate the pain associated with your disability and improve your quality of life with personalised physiotherapy sessions.
Enjoy more freedom in your movement.

We also offer a mobile physio service for aged care residents.


If you are looking for a NDIS physio near you, call Physiocare today