Lower Back Pain


Need a physio to treat your lower back pain?

Lower back pain can strike anyone at any time.
Sneezing, coughing, laughing, getting in or out of the car, playing with your kids.
It can cause pain to shoot down your legs or into your hips.
Physiocare is able to treat your lower back pain and get you back to your daily life again quickly.
Your whole body is assessed to check your posture and your quality of movement to see if there are any underlying musculoskeletal issues. You also get advice and education of the nature of the injury and self-management techniques.
We can help alleviate your pain with a variety of treatment styles that are comfortable and support your injury.
These can include…

  • Exercise based therapies;
  • Soft tissue muscle release;
  • Gentle manual therapy;
  • Spinal manipulation;
  • Shock Wave therapy; and
  • Dry needling
  • Joint mobilizations and manipulation

Together with education on how your pain is treated and information for ongoing self-care management, we have found these treatment styles offer long lasting results.

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Why choose Physiocare for your lower back pain

Dr Azmi, BMedSci, DPT, at Physiocare is an experienced physiotherapist that can assist with your pain.
He has a Bachelor of Medical Science and is a Doctor of Physiotherapy.
By providing you with education about your issue, along with evidence-based treatment styles, he is able to get you back to the things you enjoy quickly.
Lower back pain can be caused through a variety of issues including poor postural habits or injury. Standing or sitting all day at work can also be a major cause.
Dr Azmi understands how to treat your pain in a caring, respectful manner ensuring you get the best possible outcome.
Your physiotherapy consultation can be part of your Enhanced Primary Care Plan providing you with potentially up to 5 free sessions on Medicare, subject to terms and conditions. (A gap payment of up to $15 per session may apply.) Please see your local GP for your referral.
Physiocare is also able to accept patient visits with…

  • DVA;
  • Workers Comp (Work Cover SIRA);
  • CTP insurance claims ;
  • Private health insurance;
  • NDIS
  • Aged Care home packages

Your personalized physiotherapy sessions will treat your lower back pain and help improve your movement and you get back to doing the things you love
Lower back pain can be debilitating but you can get help.

We can also help with neck pain or sports injuries.


Contact Physiocare today and feel better tomorrow.