What is Enhanced Primary Care Plan?

Enhanced Primary Care Plan or Medicare EPC is a care plan on the Australian Medicare Benefits Schedule that allows you up to 5 free sessions per calendar year for treatment with medical providers other than GPs (subject to terms and conditions)

How does an EPC work?

Firstly, the Medicare EPC is there for people who suffer from chronic medical conditions. This means you must have had a medical condition for more than 3 months.
You will need to visit your local GP and they will decide whether you are eligible to apply for additional treatments from other medical providers such as physiotherapists.
Your doctor will complete your Medicare EPC form and give you a copy with the referral letter for you to bring with you to your first visit at Physiocare so you can be added to our system.

Is physiotherapy included in an EPC?

Yes, it is.
Physiocare accepts and treats all patients that have been EPC approved.
You will be provided with up to 5 free physio sessions in one calendar year. You can then visit as a private patient, with or without private health insurance, if you require ongoing treatments.
All Medicare EPC patients receive personalised treatment plans that are designed to treat your chronic condition and alleviate your pain.
Dr Azmi, BMedSci, DPT, is a trained and qualified physiotherapist who offers caring and respectful treatments solutions that best support your comfort.

Who is eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan?

Patients are assessed by their local GP and must present with a chronic condition that has not responded to treatment so far.
All Australian citizens with a current Medicare card are eligible for assessment.
Please see your local doctor for a referral prior to contacting Physiocare.

Is the Medicare EPC really free?

Physiocare bulk bill Medicare on your behalf for up to 5 free physiotherapy sessions in one calendar year.
At times, there may be a small gap payment (up to $15) to cover administration costs.


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