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Need a physio in Liverpool who can help with your pain?

Physiocare at My Family Health Medical Centre,
Shop 9, 5 Willowdale Drive,
Denham Court
Phone: 02 8305 3050

Physiocare is an experienced physio in Liverpool that helps with all muscle and joint pain.
Do you have constant or niggling pains in your back, shoulders or neck? Even a muscle twinge could be a sign that you need a reliable physio.
Physiocare has the experience to know how your pain has developed. Our expertise will get you moving again, pain-free and enjoying all the things you like to do.
Pains down the arm may be caused by a neck that is out of alignment and your lower back pain by how you sit.
With evidence-based treatments and a holistic approach, we assess your whole body to discover the root cause of your pain and determine the correct course of action for your pain management.
The individual solutions we provide are drawn from a wide range of evidence based treatments to provide you the best support we can for your continued comfort. They include…

  • Gentle manual therapy
  • Muscle mobilization
  • Exercise-based therapy
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Dry needling
  • Shock wave therapy

These treatments styles, and the education we provide about the benefits of movement, achieve long-lasting results for our patients.


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Why choose Physiocare as your Liverpool physiotherapist

Dr Azmi has worked as a physiotherapist since 2015. He was the chosen physio for a Sydney Rugby League club for several years.
He has a Bachelor of Medical Science and is a Doctor of Physiotherapy.
His care and respect for every patient ensures that you will get the best possible advice and treatment.
Physiocare can bulk bill 5 sessions through Medicare.
Ask your local doctor about your Enhanced Primary Care Plan and your referral.
Our Liverpool physiotherapist practice can handle…

  • private health insurance
  • workers comp (Work Cover SIRA)
  • DVA
  • CTP insurance claims.

Dr Azmi’s training and qualifications will assist you to move more easily without pain so you can get back to daily life activities.
In your personalised physio appointment, we will show you what your injury is and it can be treated. When your pain is manageable, you will learn what may cause a reoccurrence, how to manage it and how to self-care.
Your pain is manageable and your injuries can be treated.

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