Physio for Neck Pain

physio for neck pain

Need a physio to treat your neck pain?

Neck pain can strike anyone any time.
You can wake up with it, go to sleep with it, and notice it after long sessions at the computer.
It can give you a headache and cause pain to shoot down your arms.
Physiocare can treat your neck so that you can work and enjoy your other activities again quickly.
Your whole body will be assessed to align your posture and locate any underlying musculoskeletal issues.
Our neck physio treatments help alleviate your pain with a variety of styles that support any injuries you may have and they are designed to be comfortable.
These can include…

  • Spinal manipulation
  • Gentle manual therapy
  • Muscle mobilization
  • Exercise-based therapies
  • Dry needling
  • Shock wave therapy

We have found these neck physiotherapy treatment styles offer long lasting results, especially as we educate you on your pain treatment and give you information on continuing self-care.

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Why choose Physiocare for your neck pain

Dr Azmi, BMedSci, DPT, at Physiocare is an experienced physio for neck pain.
He has a Bachelor of Medical Science and is a Doctor of Physiotherapy.
By providing you with education about your issue, along with evidence-based physiotherapy for neck pain, he will be able to get you back to doing what you enjoy swiftly.
Neck pain can be caused by a variety of issues, including poor postural habits or injury. Sitting all day at a computer can be a major cause.
Dr Azmi’s caring and respectful manner while treating your pain ensures that you get the most successful outcome.
Your neck physiotherapy can be part of your Enhanced Primary Care Plan, providing you with up to 5 free sessions on Medicare. Please see your local GP for your referral.
Physiocare also accepts the following:

  • DVA
  • Workers Comp (Work Cover SIRA)
  • CTP insurance claims
  • Private health insurance

Your tailored neck physiotherapy sessions will treat your pain and improve your mobility, especially for your arms and head.

Neck pain can be draining but you can seek help.

We can also treat your lower back pain and sports injuries.


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